At Villa Oasis, meals are privileged moments of conviviality around dishes prepared daily by our team, based on local products, for the full flavors of a local cuisine, but also with recipes from Africa, Europe and the world .


Breakfast is served starting 7am on the terrace facing the garden and consists of hot drinks, a fresh fruit (mango, pineapple, papaya, ...), a fresh homemade fruit juice, cereals, bread and pastries, normal and salted butter and homemade jams, yogurt or eggs. On order cheese. Extra: sausages, ham ... And if you feel adventurous: Degué, Jazz, donuts and local gruel...

Our table d'hôtes

We invite you to join us for lunch or dinner around our large table under the apatam. We can share the African, European or Fusion dishes prepared by our team as well as our adventures of the day. Unless you prefer to dine quietly or with your guests in one of the garden areas or one of the lounges. You may also want to snack on your own while working.
At Villa Oasis, conviviality is offered but not imposed.

The Oasis Formula

We offer you for lunch and dinner, on order until the end of the morning, the Oasis formula, prepared by us following themes changing every day. The Oasis formula includes starter and main course or main course and dessert, with a bottle of water, for a very reasonable price.