Oasis Services

The quality of the services we provide and your satisfaction are constant concerns for us: broadband WiFi, Canal +, Netflix, Air conditioning, Bedding, but also ...

Our spa

We’ve expanded our spa and added new treatments so guests can now indulge in the most blissful spa experiences imaginable. What could be better than letting your body relax to the natural healing pleasure of natural essences, ocean nutrients, and Indonesian herbs and spices in an atmosphere of pure serenity?

Our Services

Before arriving

  • Hosting Certificate for your Visa
  • Airport Shuttle
  • Organiszing your stay

During your stay

  • Free Smartphone with local SIM
  • Car rental from trusted partners
  • Organization of your trips in the country
  • Organization of your professional events

Long Stay

  • Assistance with administrative procedures (1 year visa, license...)
  • Help looking for housing
  • Help with hiring house staff


  • Swimming pool
  • Netflix

  • Visit of the city and the surroundings
  • Organization of excursions: Ile Boulay, Grand Bassam, Assinie, Yamoussoukro ...


At Villa Oasis you will find a pleasant setting and a calm but efficient environment for your activities: numerous and comfortable lounges and terraces for your meetings, fast and reliable internet access thanks to our professional broadband Fiber connections and WiFi coverage extended throughout the site, access to printer, possible computer loan. Your smartphone with local SIM allows you to stay connected even outside for little cost, to communicate with your partners on site easily and economically.